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Xinxiang Traceability Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Suyuan Aluminum-Plastic Separator


Plastic sorting function sorting 3-5 different components of mixed plastic, can deal with sorting all kinds of metal removal of home appliances broken plastic, TV, refrigerator broken plastic shell and plastic water bottles, plastic kettles and other mixed plastic products, from PET/PVC, ABS/PS/ submerged PP, PC/PA and other plastic elements.

New environmental protection plastic separator, effectively avoid the traditional fire, chemical processing plastic products such as environmental pollution caused by the phenomenon, the current through the processing of mixed plastic plastic separator, just going to deal with material in the equipment can be carried out in a good separation, this equipment according to the different charge for sorting of plastic, equipment equipped with Electrostatic Separator can realize plastic sorting accuracy above 99%, and electrostatic separator is in constant upgrade, can adjust the configuration according to the needs of users, in the electrostatic separator can be equipped with double roller for separation, to further improve separation!

Xinxiang Traceability Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer , Trade Company
Product Range:Biscuit making machine , Recycle Washing Line , Chemical Machinery & Equipment
Products/Service:Pcb Recycling Machines , Plastic Recycling Machines , Copper Wire Recycling Machines , Copper Aluminum Recycling Machines , Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machines , Radiator Separator Machines
Company Address:Jiayi Oriental Pearl at the intersection of Xinzhong Avenue and Jinsui Avenue in Hongqi District, Xinxiang, Henan, China

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