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Our company's PCB recycling equipment advantages


The Circuit Board Recycling equipment produced by our company has a good effect in treating all kinds of electronic waste, because the equipment can separate the metal and non-metal in the waste circuit board, and the equipment does not produce water pollution or dust pollution in the production process. It can be said that this is a kind of ecological environmental protection equipment.In the current market, there are more and more electronic products and their replacement is faster and faster. Disposing of these electronic wastes has become one of the most important environmental protection issues in many developed countries.In addition, there are a large number of precious metals in e-waste, so the recycling of metals also has huge economic benefits. If it is discarded, it will not only cause pollution, but also be a great waste.

In order to solve these problems, SUYUAN Environmental Equipment Company produced a circuit board recycling equipment machine, it can not only solve the problems in the production of all kinds of pollution, but also the metal copper from separate good, our equipment adopts dry crushing, electrostatic separation, dust collection, PLC control system configuration, such as layout, solved in the process of pollution, metal separation problem.Excellent workmanship of the equipment, increased PLC automation control mode, is the production efficiency and sorting performance of the equipment to play out.

Xinxiang Traceability Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Company Address:Jiayi Oriental Pearl at the intersection of Xinzhong Avenue and Jinsui Avenue in Hongqi District, Xinxiang, Henan, China

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