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Buy copper wire separation small copper rice machine need to pay attention to the focus


With the development of society and economy, environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so recycling of discarded miscellaneous line is also more and more, including the types of scrap wire is varied, to eliminate the waste of the wire, for example, species are mainly car line, hair silk, wire and cable, copper aluminum wire, etc., different kinds of miscellaneous line electric straight directly recycling scrap, greatly reduce its use value and economic value, m machine is specialized in processing all kinds of copper scrap copper wire aluminum wire car line all kinds of miscellaneous line crush separation machinery and equipment, so buy separate small copper meters machine what should pay attention to:

1. According to their own waste wire material to choose copper rice machine configuration, one is a small dry copper rice machine waste cable recycling and processing equipment by shredding machine + Rotary Vibrating Screen + air specific gravity sorting machine + pulse dust collection combination, can handle 100-200kg/h per hour, large processing capacity and high efficiency.This configuration scheme is suitable for processing the coarse, diameter of the scrap cable greater than 20mm, according to the specific gravity of copper and plastic, plastic and copper metal can be sorted out, the sorting purity can reach more than 99%.The whole process is simple and easy to operate, and the investment cost is low.The other is the dry copper rice machine with high voltage electrostatic sorting equipment configuration: crusher + rotary Vibrating Screen + airflow specific gravity sorting machine + high voltage electrostatic sorting machine + pulse dust removal, this equipment configuration can deal with different thickness of cable, fine cable material can be sorted through the electrostatic sorting machine.Electrostatic sorting machine according to the electricality of plastic, it is difficult to sort out the fine plastic particles, so as to achieve the purpose of copper plastic separation, further improve the purity of sorting, high efficiency.

2. Choose the copper rice model number according to the material capacity that you are dealing with. Lvie environmental protection produces 600, 600A and 600B copper rice machines.Also produced 1000 type automatic copper rice machine, promote the batch processing of waste wires.Different equipment models have different prices, and different models have different prices and different configurations.Different requirements require different configurations to meet user needs.

3. Choose regular manufacturers and copper rice machine quotation, automatic dry miscellany small copper rice machine equipment complete set of equipment 65000 yuan -70000 million according to the type of production you need different configuration will be relatively different, so the price will also change.Here I want to remind the majority of users that the price of a good copper rice machine will not be less than 65 thousand so in the purchase must not coerce cheap

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